Key Features for Coachees and Mentees

mye-coach provides coachees and mentees with a structured and focused approach to support the realisation of their performance objectives and provide confidence that the coaching activity has purpose and meaning.


Schedule Sessions and Manage Diary

Once matched with a coach or mentor, sessions can easily be planned and synced to your personal calendar. mye-coach will remind you of upcoming sessions so you don't have to setup any alerts!

Easily Find Coaches and Mentors

mye-coach has been designed to make development easy for you. In seconds, you can be logged in and searching for your coach or mentor, and by applying our clever filtering system, you can identify the perfect match.

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Built-In Development Resources

Mye-coach has over 150 development resources to aid any Coaching or Mentoring programme, or to self-Coach - including self-development documents on conflict resolution and managing change or management resources such as chairing effective meetings and building trust within a team.

Connect with Others

With a built in messaging function, we've made it simple and stress-free to communicate with coaches, mentors or anyone else on the system. There's also a user forum to connect with, allowing users to ask questions to the coaching community.

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