Managed Coaching Service

The demand for one to one coaching is on the increase and as such so is the number of either internal and/or external coaches being used by organisations.

This increase in demand will inevitably lead to an increase in administrational costs which you may wish to outsource.

We have been managing and administrating coaching programmes successfully for organisations for over 20 years now which means we have developed suitable infrastructure, knowledge and resources to enable us to provide a proven and professional service which ensures your coaching is managed in an effective and efficient way.

Our Managed Service can be tailored to suit your organisational needs and can involve all or individual elements of our service.

Reviewing your Coaching Strategy

Whether it's just a general conversation with one of our team or a full-blown strategic audit of your coaching plans we can help ensure that your thinking is aligned to coaching best practice. Whichever approach you take the time spent would help you to sharpen your thinking around your objectives, the direction you are taking, the processes, policies and the skills development needed to ensure your coaching programmes are aligned to best practice.

Auditing your Current Coaches

It is common for organisations to already have some coaches working within their organisation however rarely do organisations have appropriate procedures in place to ensure that these coaches are and remain fit for purpose. This is why we offer an Auditing Service that ensures that all of your coaches meet the current best practice standards and are appropriate for what you are trying to achieve within your organisation. In simple terms, this will check quality assurance, legal requirements, data management and that your coaches align to the diversity within your organisation. As an external party, we are able to undertake this audit in an objective manner which ensures that your relationships with the coaches remain intact while at the same time the interests of your organisation are also maintained.

Sourcing External Coaches for You

With an extensive global network of coaches, we can quickly and easily find and present a shortlist of suitable coaches to you.

Once presented and selected by you we can onboard these coaches for you.

Before onboarding any coaches, we will always vet each one to ensure they are to the standard that is to be expected, and that they are aware of the requirements that your organisation has for the coaching activity and results.

This includes:

  • 1-2-1 call with each coach, outlining the requirements that they will need to meet (completing feedback, questionnaires, or an overview of coaching activity for example), and confirming that they meet the organisational needs.
  • Ensuring all coaches have up-to-date and relevant qualifications, CPD attendance, insurance and NDA’s are in place.
  • Entering into a contract with each coach to ensure professional and ethical standards and procedures are maintained.
  • Ensuring each coach is priced appropriately to align to market value.
  • Evaluating the scope of the coaching pool to provide a comprehensive range of topics and areas of expertise.
  • Capture diversity data to ensure your coaching pool reflects the diversity across your workforce.
  • Ensure coaches align with information security and data protection regulations
  • Check you coaches have a legal right to work in the country they will be undertaking the coaching

Training Internal Coaches

Through our sister company, Coaching Focus, we are able to provide an array of coaching and mentoring skills programmes.

Ongoing Management Service

We work with a number of organisations to support and manage their coaching activity. The level of service and requirements would be discussed on a case by case basis, but can include:

  • Acting as the point of contact for coaches, ensuring all protocols are followed and standards maintained, taking the administrative pressure off the organisation.
  • Administrating all invoicing between the coaches and the organisation, ensuring payments are accurate, and giving the finance team one point of contact for all coaching activity.
  • A general overseeing of the coaching activity, highlighting any anomalies to the appropriate parties and offering support and guidance to users and coaches on the system and with the relationship.
  • Weekly/monthly reporting on all coaching on the system as required.

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