About our Coaching Consultancy Service

Our extensive experience and continuous programme of research, gives us a real insight and solid understanding of what Coaching solutions genuinely work and which ones do not.

With this knowledge, we are able to provide you with the best advice to enable you to select the most effective coaching solution for your people and organisational performance objectives.

What we cover:

  • Advice and Guidance – on how to utilise coaching as a development and change methodology to support a variety of interventions to improve the organisational, team and individual performance
  • Skills Development – practical and appropriate skills training solutions that are effective in creating a sustainable performance-focused coaching culture
  • Creation of Coaching Programmes - whether they be internal or external programmes our consultants will provide you with a clear understanding of how to set up, manage and then sustain a coaching programme
  • Evaluation and Auditing – proven tools that provide insightful data to ensure the most appropriate decisions are made and return on investment is measured
  • Education and Engagement – to ensure coaching is practised safely and understood and bought into by all stakeholders within your organisation

Benefits Include:

  • Effective and efficient use of resources in your organisation
  • Relevant and focused coaching solutions that meet your specific needs and requirements
  • Best practice and leading-edge thinking
  • Avoidance and prevention of pitfalls while planning and implementing coaching solutions
  • Increased coaching knowledge leading to more informed solutions
  • Data and insights into what is and is not working
  • Guidance on the best use of your budget, time and effort

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