We are experts in creating, launching, managing and monitoring coaching programmes on a global scale.

There are key elements to consider for a successful coaching programme. Some elements you may already have in place, others you may need support on. Either way, wherever you are on your coaching journey, we have the knowledge, infrastructure and resources to help you improve, accelerate and grow your coaching programmes.

Setting the programme up for success

Through the 25 years of experience in setting up coaching programmes we have learned what works and what does not. We are able to provide you with best practice guidance and in consultation with you create the best plan for you and your coaching programme objectives. If, in this plan, a coaching system is relevant, then we will partner with you to configure the coaching platform, to ensure it fully aligns to your objectives and your ways of working.

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Engage and onboard your coaches

With your plan and system in place the next stage is to onboard your coaches. You may already have coaches in place, whether these are internal and/or external, if this is the case, great, all you will need to do is add them to your coaching platform. If you do not have your own coaches or need to expand your stable, then do not panic, just speak to us and we can either source external coaches for you and/or help you develop your own coaches internally.

Match coaches with coachees

With all parties educated and engaged the next stage is to facilitate the creation of coaching relationships by matching the coachee with a suitable coach. The system can be configured to allow Self-Serve (Coachees search, find and match with a coach themselves) or you can put in place a structured matching process that enables you to have a greater level of control and input. Either way its simple and easy for all parties to follow and once matched, the coaching software automatically sets up a coaching programme so the coaching can begin in earnest.

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Monitor and manage coaching programmes

As your coaching programmes get underway, both the coach and coachee can use the coaching platform to schedule meetings, share notes and resources while at the same time you will have an oversight of all of the coaching activity and can monitor the progress of each coaching programme.

Measure and analyse results

As your coaches start to implement their magic and your coaching programmes get into full swing you will want to ensure the coaching programmes are achieving the objectives agreed and are providing you and the coachee with a positive ROI. The coaching system allows you to evaluate the coaching programme at the start, middle, end and beyond to ensure that the coaching programme has provided immediate value and sustainable growth. And not only can you evaluate the coaching programme at these key stages you can also access and filter data at any time across a range of fields and quickly generate reports which provide you with insights you need to inform coaching best practice across your organisation.

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Grow and expand your coaching reach

So, you have set up a successful coaching programme, your coaches are providing value that you can measure and prove now all you need to do is build on this success and expand and grow the coaching within other functions, areas, countries across your organisation. As the coaching platform is easy to scale up, your coaching programmes can expand at pace to achieve sustainable growth and help accelerated a coaching culture within your organisation.

So, what are you waiting for?

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