10 reasons why you need a Coaching Management System

Coaching Focus developed mye-coach when we realised our blue-chip clients lacked an end-to-end system to manage their coaching provision across their organisation.

Today mye-coach; our coaching management system has become a proven state-of-the-art platform used by large organisations and with thousands of users. But we are always asked, “why do we need a coaching management system?”. In truth, every organisation is different (see point 6!) so there is no simple answer. That’s why we thought we’d hone this down to our top ten reasons to implement a coaching management system in your organisation.

You are probably an HR or learning and development professional, and at the sharp end of managing coaching. This page will make perfect reading for you.

So here we go…

1) Overcoming inefficiencies in time, cost and outcomes

Managing coaching across a large organisation can be time consuming, especially when you want to implement complex coaching provisions. Often the systems and processes for managing coaching are inadequate, and that means they are costly in terms of your time and resources.

Does your to do list look like this?

  • Identifying who needs coaching or mentoring.
  • Matching internal and external coaches.
  • Checking their availability – as well as suitability.
  • Scheduling times for the sessions.
  • Agreeing learning and performance goals with the coach.
  • Encouraging the coachees’ buy-in!
  • Managing coaching budgets and means of payment to external coaches.

… and that is just the basics.

Naturally, this absorbs a lot of your time, but it is also hard to oversee what is happening when the process lacks visibility. Time pressure can lead to ad hoc decisions around suitability of people and coaches, as well as the focus on desired outcomes.

Mye-coach makes planning and managing the coaching easy for you but also simple and intuitive for everyone. The system encourages users to register, engage, contract and manage their coaching to completion and with a wealth of communication and feedback tools, as well as reporting, you can measure the outcomes and ROI too.

2) Consistent coaching approach throughout the organisation

We understand that all organisations are different, and that means having diverse people structures and performance objectives. Mye-coach has been built to help you align your internal processes to your chosen coaching approach – and provides logical pathways to help you develop organisation-wide processes.

This means you can maintain best practice and a consistent approach to coaching and mentoring across the organisation.

A good example of this is around the way mye-coach supports all of the coaching within Tesco. Mye-coach is being used within Tesco to effectively administer and manage coaches, process coaching requests, maintain a consistent approach to coaching throughout the organisation and support coaching interventions to ensure transparency, openness and ROI. Read more about how we helped Tesco manage their coaching activity.

mye-coach consistent coaching approach

3) Align your coaching with your organisational objectives

Imagine having more time to think and plan more strategically and identify where individuals and teams can contribute better performance to the organisation’s objectives. An effective coaching management system is a major step towards achieving this. Mye-coach is a flexible platform that can be tailored to work with your internal processes – and make them more efficient and effective – so that you have a clear sight of the coaching programmes and its outcomes.

Sometimes working out how your coaching objectives align with the corporate objectives is not so simple. So before building your coaching system we partner with

you to understand what you are trying to achieve, your coaching approach and what key data you wish to measure. This ensures that the coaching platform is configured and aligned to ensure it fully aligns to your objectives and your ways of working.

You’ll be able to:

  • monitor your coaches to ensure they are providing value that you can measure and prove.
  • build on this success and expand and grow the coaching within other functions, areas, countries in a consistent way across your organisation.
  • scale up coaching programmes at pace to achieve sustainable growth and help accelerate a coaching culture within your organisation

4) Managing the quality of your coaching

One-to-one coaching is about relationships. Mye-coach is an enabler when it comes to relationship building – and once coaches and coachees are familiar with the system, they’re engaged by it. The system facilitates the creation of coaching relationships by matching the coachee with a suitable coach. This can work in two ways:

  • self-serve, where coachees use the system to search, find and match with a coach themselves.
  • structured matching, where you have a greater level of control and input.

In fact, the monitoring tools even allow you to override a self-serve selection if you feel the relationship is not appropriate.

Once matched, mye-coach automatically sets up a coaching programme, and the task of scheduling meetings, and sharing notes and resources becomes simple for all users. More than 150 built-in resources are available to coaches and mentors, but also to the coachees for self-coaching or on-demand learning.

Crucially you will have an oversight of all of the coaching activity from start to end (and beyond) which enables you to:

  • monitor the progress of each coaching programme.
  • ensure coaching programmes achieve the agreed objectives.
  • achieve a positive ROI for the organisation and the coachee.
  • deliver immediate value and sustainable growth.

inform coaching best practice across your organisation.

5) Engaging with senior leaders and teams

It’s vital you overcome fear, resistance and apathy towards coaching. Any organisation needs to engage its people if they are to align them with and develop a coaching culture.

Mye-coach facilitates this by:

  • making the process of arranging coaching simple and intuitive.
  • helping people realise that coaching can be quick and effective, and not a drain on their time.
  • providing a choice of qualified coaches and mentors with bios, videos and more.
  • offering access to resources which can help identify someone’s coaching or mentoring needs.
  • ensuring coaching/mentoring is conducted on a confidential basis.
  • enabling people to evaluate their coaching/mentoring outcomes and relationships.
  • providing a secure platform for communicating with a coach/mentor outside of the sessions.

6) Customise the coaching management system to your internal needs

We’ve mentioned above that mye-coach can align to your internal coaching processes and ways of working.

Since mye-coach sits in the cloud, you can also connect with it in flexible ways. So it could be integrated with your internal network or connected securely to your external systems.

We can brand and tailor it to align to your brand look and feel, so that it looks like one of your internal resources, as well as following your internal processes. Or it can look like an external resource if you prefer.

A dedicated Client Relationship Manager will train your key users and provide initial and ongoing support and guidance. Your users will also have access to online user guides, videos and our friendly and helpful UK-based support team, so we act like an extension of your IT support function.

7) Enterprise-level security

Managing your data security is our key priority.

Mye-coach is fully ISO27001 certified and is constantly tested and developed, both in terms of functionality and security. In Europe it is compliant with GDPR regulations, safeguarding users and ensuring your sensitive data is protected and secure. Integration with Single Sign On (SSO) platforms, such as OKTA, is also possible.

BSi ISO27001 Accreditation

8) Proven track record with similar organisations

When mye-coach started out, we learned plenty about what our client organisations needed; the sweet spots that make a coaching management system truly valuable. That’s why it has evolved, improved and grown to be a trusted, proven platform that really works.

This is a list of organisations that are using the platform, and it is being used in practice by tens of thousands of people.

coaching management system clients

9. Positive return on investment

No software should be adopted if it cannot contribute a positive ROI to the organisation. With mye-coach you have measuring tools to help you evaluate this and dovetail reports with your targets and objectives.

You can also customise and automate questionnaires for fast, effective analysis of the ROI of the coaching and mentoring activity.

You’ll have access to comprehensive reporting, so you can monitor various aspects of the coaching process – such as system activity, engagement, response times, and user and coach feedback.

Mye-coach also gives you financial control. You can:

  • manage budgets
  • standardise the fees charged by external coaches or mentors
  • and enforce managerial approval of purchase orders.

10. Integrated coaching support

It goes without saying that we can provide external coaching support, executive coaching, team coaching and coaching skills development, as well as consultancy around coaching processes to support the implementation of mye-coach.

We’re far from just software developers!

Curious to see how it works?

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