Providing our Coaching Management System and consultancy services to ensure coaching best practice across the East Midlands Coaching Network.

What is the East Midlands Coaching Network?

The East Midlands Coaching Network facilitates the matching and brokerage of coaching across the East Midlands, increasing access to coaching, all at a significantly reduced rate for participating organisations. The network is underpinned by a set of key principles;

  • Quality, cost-effective coaching for all
  • Access to a diverse coaching pool of qualified Coaches within the region
  • Supporting Coaches with their development and ensuring quality assurance
  • Building coaching capacity and sustainability across the region
  • Continuous development and growth of the Network

What is involved with the East Midlands Coaching Network?

The East Midlands Coaching Network was launched in 2013 and now has 9 subscribing organisations and 40 network Coaches. Currently, all network members are public sector organisations, including local authorities and a housing association. East Midlands Councils and Coaching Focus aim to expand and diversify the network, to enhance the experience of both Coachees and Coaches in the network. Working in partnership East Midlands Councils and Coaching Focus are promoting the network to all types of organisations.

How Have Organisations Responded To The Network?

Member organisations have embraced the network and the Mye-coach tool and have become creative in how they utilise the online system and the network to support the development of their internal coaching culture.

Coaching Focus has been pragmatic in the development of the Mye-coach system, as a partnership we have been able to work together to ensure that the network and the system work for our member organisations, Coaches and Coachees. The Mye-coach online system has been well received by Coaches and coaching Champions, with great praise given to the resources section, which has contributed to our commitment to provide continuous professional development to Coaches in the network.

Development & Support For Coaches

A key element of the network is the commitment to support Coaches with their continued professional development. On the 1 March 2013, East Midlands Councils and Coaching Focus held its first event for network Coaches and featured an interactive session led by Coaching Focus entitled “Metaphorically Speaking”. With over 30 Coaches in attendance, the event was a great success, providing a lively and stimulating start to the network.

The highlight of the coaching year will be the East Midlands Coaching Conference in June. With the support of Coaching Focus, we have been successful in securing leading speakers in the field, including Myles Downey, who will provide a keynote presentation on “Enabling Genius”.

The Partnership of East Midlands Councils & Coaching Focus

East Midlands Coaching Network has benefitted from the knowledge, experience and expertise of both Coaching Focus and East Midlands Councils. Coaching Focus has a detailed knowledge and understanding of coaching and how best to cultivate positive coaching relationships, which has combined brilliantly with East Midlands Councils knowledge of the public sector and practical experience of developing networks that bring tangible benefits to organisations and their employees. East Midlands Councils and Coaching Focus have developed a close working partnership, which has enabled the great start that the network has experienced.